Why so many Americans suffer from weight gain?

A lot of people in the USA are overweight. What is the reason of this problem? Among the most common reasons one can admit the insidiousness of network of such restaurants like McDonald’s, a conspiracy of confectioners who make donuts and bagels more and more greasy and sweet, the laziness inherent in people from nature, and so on. But it is better not to rush to conclusions and to consider this phenomenon in more detail. What is it? A phenomenon inherent only to the Americans or this is a quick bleak future for all of humanity, on the way to which the well-fed America has outstripped everyone? Let’s try to find out possible reasons, which have led America to the problems with obesity.

Among the reasons that cause weight gain problems there are the following:

  • Harmful food

Food in America is very tasty. Portions in restaurants are very large. A lot of sugar, fatty sauces, chocolate, snack bars and small restaurants are at every turn. Americans eat a lot of semifinished foods, which are not healthy and contribute to weigh gain. Though in stores, entire shelves are reserved for healthy food products as well: low-fat and low-fat yoghurts, curds, bread, biscuits, loaves with food fibers, cereal bread. This food is chosen by Americans rarely as its taste is worse compared to all fast food hamburgers and semifinished suppers, which you need put into your microwave and it will be ready. However, saving time you gain extra calories. Genetically modified foods are also common in the ration of each American.

In US people like hamburgers, pizza, potato chips, sweet milkshakes, ice cream. They buy products with flavor enhancers and artificial additives. Such food causes dependence. From it, the receptors of the tongue “wake up” and begin to be actively irritated and requiring more and more food. And they also stimulate the appetite so much that a person stops feeling his norm and continue eating.

  • Cola-cola and different sweet beverages

Instead of drinking pure water, Americans give preference to famous Coca-Cola and other sweet sugar drinks every day. It is known that Coca-Cola is considered to be very harmful drink, especially if you drink it on the regular basis.

  • The wrong meals regimen

Modern Americans do not have a proper regimen of having meals: breakfast, lunch and light supper. Often the dinner is carried over to the evening. The body remembers that it received less and replenishes everything for dinner. And in the evening, when there is little movement, all the excess is postponed “in reserve”. Food in our body is digested for four hours. And then again you need to replenish the resource.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend eating three to four times a day. Portion should be two and a half plates without a top. This volume will not cause rumbling, swelling, overload and heaviness. And the daily nutrient norm will be obtained.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Most Americans spend a lot of time sitting in their offices or at the computer at home. Since childhood, children spend much time playing computer games. Americans prefer eating and watching TV at the same time, which contributes to weigh gain as while you watch some TV show or serials, you don’t even notice how much you have eaten.

How to deal with the problem of obesity?

To solve the problem of excess weight Americans should eat more fruit and vegetables, drink enough water, do sports and lead more active lifestyle, avoiding harmful fatty food and beverages containing a lot of sugar, say no to carbohydrates as they are quickly and completely absorbed and easily stored in fat. The salvation of civilization is to completely abandon the refined food and consume only natural products.


Why so many Americans suffer from weight gain?